About Me

Hi, I'm Alana; I've been writing online for about twenty years. For the last decade, I've done that a lot less. I'm going to skip past wistfully going on and on about what made the “early blogosphere” or “early Twitter” such great places for me, and fast forward to the current reality: as social media platforms grew more powerful and were tailored to reward polished brands and quick-hit content rather than messy and vulnerable odysseys, I became too anxious to produce public stuff. I felt as though I would be opening myself up for a lot of negative outcomes. A sampling:

  1. Abuse via trolling/doxxing
  2. Total and Permanent Public Humiliation for stating a view that later changes or is shown to be incorrect
  3. An unhealthy attachment to success metrics

I thought about publishing my thoughts anonymously, but I really don't want to? I want to be able to be a person online again, with a stupid blog where I ramble about everyday stuff. So that's this.

Ways to talk:

Mastodon: https://the.giant.horse/@alana/101279688640057524 Email: apost.blog@pm.me